Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas 2011: Star Wars STuff

This is a really cool set, the most durable I've ever seen. He carries it with the handle on the top, the puppy was around it AND he would push it on the floor and it would take off rolling- with the open sides I would say there's hours of play in this thing!

Christmas 2011 : Girls

 legos from Christmas 2011- Charis playing with old ones

is this the same child?

We ordered a girly set for Cady, Called Belleville, when I ordered it I requested more legos for girls, I mean really? 5 sets is all they make

they dance after dinner- so romantic!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rock Concert

Silas created a summer rock concert last night, it was so original we wanted to post about it... they even had a travel bus...

Our headliner band....

the groupies....

a wanna be...(silas' words) yes fire coming out of his nose....

just for you....a backstage pass

their bags and hats, I think the thing on the right is a mic holder

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lego building finally pays off

This is our third year to be involved in 4H club after school. Velma has an awesome group! One of our directors called Monday night and informed us that their was a lego category in the county fair 4h exhibits. We were all excited. Except Cady who is too young to enter things for judging and prize money. But we will def. be ready for next year!

So we wanted to enter the star wars base he has in his room right now, the one that made it through the room switch without falling apart. But after I read the disclaimer in the fair book about not being responsibile for stolen or lost parts we decided we needed a glass case for it. Judging started WEd. night and we couldn't get the supplies in time. So he entered an original bionicle and WON! 

Displayed there were only 2 in the category, the other one was on a nice set- up, we were impressed he won! He is so original with his designs and attentive to detail- so state fair here we come! We did find out there is a lego building contest at the state fair. That's in a couple of weeks. 

With some other prize earnings he won $11 total. 

Hey lego building finally pays!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Traveling In Lego Style

Typically I don't encourage legos in the car- they get lost. Lost legos= Sad and Angry Kids

This trip I did.

And they all three built contently. Yes even distructor Charis.

I got this travel table at a garage sale a few years back for 3$ (one of my all time treasures)

My friend wanted one....since they are discontinued ebay is your best bet, here's a link

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lego Store- Down Town Disney

We recently visited Florida and the mouse.

Disney really is a world, kingdom, land. It's huge.

If you are ever in Orlando and not staying or going to Disney, you can get in free to Downtown Disney. Right off I4, it has many novelty eating places like Rainforest Cafe, some fancy places like Wolfgang Puck, shows and shopping. Specialty shops.

The Lego Store.

We have one in OKC but this one was bigger. And more crowded. We went at night, if you ever go, go during non eating times. Like early or mid afternoon.

Anyway. Here's our pics

Look at the cool colors. I would've played around more with them on the camera but there was no getting around the mob in there.

? This picture needs to be zoomed in but I didn't have time. Behind the register, see those dots? Those are minifigures, hundreds of different ones .

I don't know much about Disney around the world but these may be something...

What ever they are they are cool , all legos and are stationed on the outside.

We knew the outside because Charis needed to run and they had a neat little play area- thank the Lord someone knows kids.

Cady did the create your own mini figures, 3 for 9$

they had a much better selection of girl hairs and stuff there

They had a cool Toy Story 3 display.

We can't wait to see the movie!

And Woody...

out of Legos, crazy...

Some of the outside large scale's still amazing, even though we've seen all those at LegoLand...



Cool dragon coming out of the lake...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Birthday Set

This is the set I got for my birthday.